Operating in Upstate New York, Wildlife Educators Coalition, was founded in January of 2009.  The Coalition consists of an expanding number of exotic animal owners and handlers who have been working in this field for some years. We are a certified independent Public Charity.  

For the most part, our animals live in our homes with us as pets.  In our presentations we explain the positive impact they have on our lives as well as the challenges of owning an exotic animal and why most of them do not make good pets for the average household.   

Since our animals live with us, we understand them well.  Our animals get constant interaction, attention, affection and enrichment.  We know when they are healthy and happy or when they are sick or just out of sorts. Our programs are designed to be both educational and entertaining for our audience.  We do this with a focus on keeping our animals safe, happy and calm.

Many of our exotic animals were adopted or rescued.  For example, Seneca Park Zoo refers people to us when they receive request to re-home reptiles.  We are not a rescue group but sometimes we foster, sometimes we adopt and sometimes we facilitate - send people to other people in our network who can help.  This is another reason to donate, as many of the animals we receive need veterinary care and it can be very expensive to get them healthy.

We are always looking for innovative ways to connect people to nature.  We have introduced a number of art disciplines and are open to ideas or talents. Right now we work with a performance artist who, as a Living Tree, helps us teach ecological concepts.  A poet member of our group can help kids create poetry about their experience with the animals.  Howler, our resident mascot, tells stories and teaches kids about various animals based on one of his many animal costumes.

We have recently been joined by two new people who are more talented, skilled and knowledgeable in areas of business operation and efficient use of technology.  This marks a new era of expanded opportunity for WEC.

When WEC comes to town, it’s an adventure, not just a lesson!



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